Sunday, 27 September 2009

And it begins...

Hey gays!

well I meet my flatmates today and they seem pretty nice except....sigh

we were at lunch trying to chat n stuff when 4 admitidly butch ladies came in and sat next to us and the conversation went from joking around to quite nasty homophobic I'm out and proud and certainly won't be hiding my sexuality but my question is should I out myself upfront or wait till these girls get to know me?

Usally my sexuality isn't very on topic because in these crazy times I simply pass for indie/geeky a lot of girls rock the cons and flannel these days so unless I'm asked a direct question I don't usally declare "oh you like coffee too oh btw I'm a giant homo" it's kind of akward.

Now my problem is am I simply being conservative letting my personality and weirdness put these people off or am I being a bit of a coward?

comments woul be greatly appreciated

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!


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