Sunday, 29 August 2010

Straight girls in the gay bar

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I'm sorry for being a total dork and not updating...I don't even have a good excuse all I've been doing is watching old episodes of Judge Judy and eating cake mix.


Well I am home and offically graduated (with a first Ithank you) and I a offically unemployed and hating my life. I've been reading my back entries here and wish I had a fun exctiting lesbean topic to catch up on but t'would all be lies as the only lesbian thing I have been doing is texting my lesbian pose on the mainland and hating the fact there are no gays in Belfast.

But aside from laying in my pjs all day and drinking too much milk I have found time to go out with my straight girlfriends and they inadvertedly inspired a subject for me.

why are straight girls so intrested/afraid to go in gay bars?

that's it that's the topic...

ok so recently I had to miss Liverpool Pride to go to a friends birthday party and durring conversation the topic of where we should go came up. I suggested a well know gay bar here called "The Kremlin" and a very homo friend place called "Black Box" which are both pretty fun places to go on a saturday night due to the music they play. This was greeted with nods from a couple and then with downright fear by the others. One of my st8est friends piped up "I'd be kinda afraid to go there I mean...what if...something...." and she went quiet clearly uneased by my dykish pressence. But what if what? a girl hit on her? surely this friend had had boys she didn't like hit on her at some point so what was the big dilema? was she afraid a tribe of justin beiber look alikes were gonna lick her and claim her as a sacrifice to the mighty goddess lesbiannia? it made me a little sad that a lot of straight girls are still afraid of us lil ol' lesbeans, surely they don't think we're so dumb and beast like that we actively seek out straight girls to de-flower and beat...sigh I think sadly this may be the case.

Then there are the other straight girls who want to come see the freak show, to be disgusted and delighted by the "un-natural" goings on when people hook up. These adventuerous types also annoy me as they too treat us like animals that need to be observed and apart from a certain ex-girlfriend of mine we do not act in that beasty way.

It makes me die a little on the inside that in this age of SKINS and Sugar Rush that going to a gay bar is like some sort of epic quest or gruesome trek for straight people. I am often dragged to loud obnoxious places where the straight couple seem to be attempting to both devour each other and reproduce in one act and I have little choic in the matter it is everywhere I look. It is a horrible double standered that needs to disappear.

This whole scenario made me aware of how some of my straight friends treat me, as a cautionary tale of what may happen to them. And is perhaps a reason it is often tricky for lesbian ladys to be accepted by their straight friends, there's that constant question in each others minds "does she fancy me?"/ "does she think I fancy her?"

And also it is not my fault the straight bars play crap music on a saturday night

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gay rights takes another baby step through the doors of justice

Prop 8 was just ruled unconstitutional!


this is such great news not only for gay rights but for humanity in general

excellent end to the summer...and it only took 2 years :D

imagine what we can do in the next 10

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