Saturday, 11 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Day 12

The final day of the 12 days annnnnnnnd well...IT'S ME!!

Again with my big ugly mug in her faces....seeing as it is the last of my 12 days of christmas...some logic...the 12 days of lesbian christmas enjoy!

cherry cherry boom boom


Friday, 10 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Days 10 and 11

I know I missed yesturday BUT HERE is a super awesome video to make it up to you :D

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Day 9

Again I'm taking liberties with my deffinition of "Lesbian" but I figured a couple of things:

1)Tori Amos is a musical icon in the queer community so it's ok
2) This song is too beautiful not to share
3) this is MY calander and I'm a lesbian so that's link enough :D

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Day 8

Sometimes Christmas can be such a terrible DRAG!

see what I did there??

eh? eh? eh?

Of forget it here's the video...

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Day 7

Today we have my personal favorite British Sapphoic Lady Sue Perkins enjoying a Victorian Christmas Dinner :D

Sue Perkins...nom nom nom

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advent Calender Day 6

I don't care who you are or what you listen to you all have to agree that MR's voice is dripping with sex at all times

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Emuhs Lesbian Advant Calender Day 5

ok ladies it is around now that I tend to panic about what to buy only 20 days away and I have NO ideas...luckily for me Babeland have some awesomely sexy ideas and if you order now plenty of time for stuff to arrive for christmaka eve :D (probably NSFW unless you work in a sexy place)

Babeland's 2010 Christmaka gift list

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Emuhs Lesbian Advant Calender Day 4

NOT strictly lesbian but you gotta heart the gaga ~(incidently this is the first gaga toon I ever heard :s)

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Emuhs Lesbian Advant Calender Day 3

Bored of the same old nonsense where some child crys and the head halls off the baby Jesus? NO FEAR! Alternative christmas play comes in the form of "Thank You" by Dale Anderson....pretty sure the PTA will get on board :D

Thank you-A Lesbian Christmas Play

cherry cherry boom boom


Thursday, 2 December 2010

The “G” word

Ok friends I have astounding news

After much deliberation I have some exciting news

I The Emuh geeky writer of this blog have gained an actual real life, no I haven’t made her up, yes she is actually real and amazing, Girlfriend.

I’m going to let that marinade with you all for a second as you remember who I am and what I am like

Still need a moment?



Ok that’s long enough!

Geez you guys is it really that hard to believe?

I know it really is I can hardly believe it myself if she hadn’t flicked me in the ear earlier I would still be questioning her existence.

I’m not sure how to cope with it to be perfectly honest I’ve never been anyone’s *gulp* girlfriend before that wasn’t long distance, completely horrid or imaginary. I’ve been trying my best not too be so Emuh on the situation but the truth of the matter is GP (Gal Pal) makes me feel and act like a teenager who is going out with their favourite pop star. I have and always have been and will continue to be the funny but fugly friend in the movie of life; you know the un-fancied cynical one you go to when you’re love life is in fail mode? Me all over but now GP has made me a soppy romantic mess. And I finally, for the first time in my sad existence I feel like a co-star in my own life.

I’m no Shane but I’m no virgin either but I’ve never been with someone who seems to find the hot mess in my facebook profile picture attractive. I know she’s not legally blind still it’s pretty close, but it’s a very strange sensation to be called pretty by someone as beautiful as GP is. Any “romance” (and I use the term very loosely) has been the result of someone else’s desperation. Because I have been female and there is usually the only reason people go near me but GP has been sober and has still asked to go out with me again and enjoys kissing my face in public it’s incredibly strange. People have always been too ashamed of me to admit we’re even friend let alone “an item”

That’s why I’m terrified I’m going to mess it up somehow 

She makes me ache, and tingle, and shiver, and makes me want to write poetry (awful idea I’m an awful poet~), and makes me nervous as hell when I see her, an and and and OH. MY.GAWD I am so going to get my heart broken when she figures out I’m not worthy to kiss the tip of her fingers. I’m ridiculously into her, like RIDICULOUSLY into her but she never quite understands how she makes me feel. So I guess I’m just going to HAVE to figure out how to be a girlfriend pretty quickly so that she realises….

Cherry cherry boom boom readers


Emuhs Lesbian Advant Calender Day 2

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!

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Emuhs Lesbian Advant Calender Day 1

Yes this me from last year but I need time to google awesome lesbian stuffs for your advant calenders!

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

my dream girl....

A bit shorter than me about 5'7, curvy with thick red hair, the deepest green eyes possible, freckles across her nose, small pretty teeth and plump lips.

She'd love to read and speak French, a bit of a geek with a wicked sense of humor that would get us into endless trouble on buses.

She'd like my cooking and prefer to do the washing than the drying, sitting on the sofa she'd curl up and lie on my lap and let me be sentimental as I stroked her hair.

She'd never wear contacts and insist that her glasses are not retro even though they really are, she'd make fun of my "comfortable shoes" and argue with me about who can do the best accents.

She'd make fun of me for keeping her letters but never insists I throw them away, she may not get my Xena obsession but she doesn't have to.

She'd have read the Harry Potter series more than 3 times and actually likes it when I randomly burst into song.

She'd never make fun of my crooked smile and wouldn't ever tell me I need to diet, wouldn't ever complain about the food she's eaten and we'd tease each other constantly in strange voices.

She'd HATE Twilight and would rather chill in the pub with some decent music than go out to clubs at the weekends.

She'd borrow my clothes without asking and I'd curse her that the oversized look of them looks great on her and when she's not around I'd love it that my wadrobe smells like her.

She'd paint and get messy for no other reason than she enjoys it, she'd let me go first in the shower and relax with the paper rather than bang on the door.

She'd be laid back but not switched off, she'd like a good argument with a great make up.

She'd love just kissing, getting caught in the rain she throws her umbrella away and let's her hair get soaked, she never complains that life isn't perfect like I do and let's me have my mad moments, she'd leave me alone when I need it but be right there when I needed her.

She wouldn't be perfect and I'd be able to get her out of her bad mood with my brilliant sparkling sense of humor, she'd loose at tickle fights quite gleefully, never tell me I couldn't touch her wobbly bits, and dress like she wants never according to trends...but the most the important thing is she would like me for me and would possible love me for all my faults.


cherry cherry boom boom


Thursday, 28 October 2010

What have I been up to?

Hey friends,

again I have vanished into the world and have seemingly forgotton you!

Not so blogger!

Here I am back to get you up to date on my life....again in my favorite form the list!

1-Football: I have become very gay and joined a lesbian football team, and thus I have accidently gotton a semi active gay sociol life which is both scary and awesome :D I have infiltrated the Belfast gay scene and have been to the gay bars with other gays.

2-Developing a new cartoon idea- which takes a suprisingly long ass time I hope to get it rolling out by the end of the month so...yer

3-Applying for jobs I really don't want but desperatly need- ah the fate of the theatre graduate :(

4-Joining the gym and attempting to shift some of this horrid stuff that is my unfortunate frame- I know get me but I'm determined to get a bit fitter instead of a bit fatter

5-Dating- yerp for some unknown reason a girl I really like seems to like me too which has resulted in me floating around the house in a daze and generally being an annoying muppet

So that is pretty much it

I wish I had more gossip but alas I do not

Cherry cherry boom boom


Saturday, 16 October 2010

I found the lesbians!!!

Hey Blogger,

I have VERY exciting news….I have actually found the lesbians in Belfast!

I’m really NOT the only one here in the sticks

I shall not bore you with every detail but suffice to say I joined a gay football team and it has opened the rainbow doors of these the sticks in which I live.

That is why I haven’t been around much I have been VERY busy actually being a gay and getting out and meeting other ladies who are also gay.

It’’s like I have been plunged into an episode of “Queer as Folk” and I’m Nathan…it’s just a bit epic

Except they touch my hair a lot…which is strange…

Oh well I must go rest up for our next match this Sunday

Come on you Belfast Braves!


Monday, 13 September 2010

Dating advice vidja

This has happened to me and I wanted to warn the ladies out there who I lurve through the time hounered lesbian tradtion of guitar based folk song

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


The top ten reasons why being a lesbian is awesome

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps about being the only gay in the village so I have come up with 10 reasons why being a gay lady is awesome:

1-Women are much better kissers then men

2-Men have beards, beards give you a rash…woman do not have beards, so you don’t get a rash

3-Lady smells are so much nicer than man smell (May I never endure the nasty whiff of Lynx EVER again!)

4-Women are more fun to flirt with

5-Sneaky lesbian ninja checking out straight girls who like you as a friend

6-Comfortable shoes and jeans are considered perfectly acceptable clubbing wear

7-Being able to read DIVA magazine on trains and cause a scandal

8-Lady loving in the boudoir

9-The ability to declare “you’re just saying that because ‘m a lesbian!” whenever any of my friends are mean to me

10-AWESOME haircuts

cherry cherry boom boom


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Straight girls in the gay bar

Hey hey hey

I'm sorry for being a total dork and not updating...I don't even have a good excuse all I've been doing is watching old episodes of Judge Judy and eating cake mix.


Well I am home and offically graduated (with a first Ithank you) and I a offically unemployed and hating my life. I've been reading my back entries here and wish I had a fun exctiting lesbean topic to catch up on but t'would all be lies as the only lesbian thing I have been doing is texting my lesbian pose on the mainland and hating the fact there are no gays in Belfast.

But aside from laying in my pjs all day and drinking too much milk I have found time to go out with my straight girlfriends and they inadvertedly inspired a subject for me.

why are straight girls so intrested/afraid to go in gay bars?

that's it that's the topic...

ok so recently I had to miss Liverpool Pride to go to a friends birthday party and durring conversation the topic of where we should go came up. I suggested a well know gay bar here called "The Kremlin" and a very homo friend place called "Black Box" which are both pretty fun places to go on a saturday night due to the music they play. This was greeted with nods from a couple and then with downright fear by the others. One of my st8est friends piped up "I'd be kinda afraid to go there I mean...what if...something...." and she went quiet clearly uneased by my dykish pressence. But what if what? a girl hit on her? surely this friend had had boys she didn't like hit on her at some point so what was the big dilema? was she afraid a tribe of justin beiber look alikes were gonna lick her and claim her as a sacrifice to the mighty goddess lesbiannia? it made me a little sad that a lot of straight girls are still afraid of us lil ol' lesbeans, surely they don't think we're so dumb and beast like that we actively seek out straight girls to de-flower and beat...sigh I think sadly this may be the case.

Then there are the other straight girls who want to come see the freak show, to be disgusted and delighted by the "un-natural" goings on when people hook up. These adventuerous types also annoy me as they too treat us like animals that need to be observed and apart from a certain ex-girlfriend of mine we do not act in that beasty way.

It makes me die a little on the inside that in this age of SKINS and Sugar Rush that going to a gay bar is like some sort of epic quest or gruesome trek for straight people. I am often dragged to loud obnoxious places where the straight couple seem to be attempting to both devour each other and reproduce in one act and I have little choic in the matter it is everywhere I look. It is a horrible double standered that needs to disappear.

This whole scenario made me aware of how some of my straight friends treat me, as a cautionary tale of what may happen to them. And is perhaps a reason it is often tricky for lesbian ladys to be accepted by their straight friends, there's that constant question in each others minds "does she fancy me?"/ "does she think I fancy her?"

And also it is not my fault the straight bars play crap music on a saturday night

cherry cherry boom boom


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gay rights takes another baby step through the doors of justice

Prop 8 was just ruled unconstitutional!


this is such great news not only for gay rights but for humanity in general

excellent end to the summer...and it only took 2 years :D

imagine what we can do in the next 10

cherry cherry boom boom


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Life begins at 22


I sit here alone in a dark corner of a cafe in my hometown of Lisburn with my iced-mocha and free wi-fi and think how far this town has come in the past 10 years

and then I think that's all balony and it is I who have changed

I've gone from the reclussive teenager with a desire to only disappear to a woman who can sit alone in a crowded cafe in a silly shabby hat drinking pretencious coffee and chatting idily to the old ladies that sit at the table next to me.

I've achieved one of my ultimate life goals and I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

Teachers once told my parents that I was incabible of passing the 11+ with anything higher than a C2...(I proved them wrong by getting a B1) and now I sit here with a BA first class degree and my entire life streched out before me.

It is incredibly scary to think that in the next 10 years I will be starting my carrer, moving to a new city alone, and be turning 30 a thought that has petrified me since my 16th birthday.

I am thankful that my life hasn't hit it's ultimate peak yet, grateful I was a geek, and I hope I remain so because it makes for more interesting conversations than the status quo (I doubt the Mean Girl types have ever had a debate about the possibility that Prof. McGonogal ever had sex once transformed into a cat and wither that made her guilty of beastiality....cough)

so here is to the next 10 years where hopefully the blog enteries will make for much more interesting reading as I start the horrofying yet exciting journey into adulthood

but don't worry I intend to never grow up...Harry Potter World 2011 is gonna happen!

Luffs n cookies


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tegan and Sara saved my soul

Hey hey gays sorry for the delay but I’ve still been in post concert ecstasy the past week.

Oh my and WHAT a concert it was…

I arrived with my friend Sarah in tow (who I’ve been attempting to seduce for the past 6 years but she remains impervious to my advances woe is me) on that warm summer evening and we were greeted to a mile long wash of check shirts and stylishly straightened Justin Beiber haircuts we knew we were in the right place. We decided to skip the line and have a coffee as we waited for the doors to open an hour later. Over mocha lattes I explained to Sarah the uniform of the lesbian and why Tegan and Sara have such a HUGE international following which made me feel epic win as Sarah is a music aficionado.

I entered the Mandela hall a bundle of caffeine induced nerves and practically downed my first pint. I’d changed no less than 4 times for this gig, did my hair too much and was giddy as a girl could be. I was more excited about this gig than I was for my first date…THAT is how much I love Tegan and Sara.

They have been one of my favourite bands since my first girlfriend sent me their song “The Con” in order to “Express her feelings for me as she couldn’t find the words” how tragically baby gay but it worked. I’ve been hooked on them ever since, but never dreamed I’d ever get to see them live and in person.

The warm up act was the lame of LAME he really did not understand the crucial moment he was involved in. But after a few boos from antsy lesbians he got the idea and soon shut up…

Then they arrived to the loudest reception I’ve ever heard and yours truly had flirted her way up to the third row so I was very close. I proceeded to experience something quite spiritual it was fantastic they played the longest set I’ve ever seen a band play (almost 3hours) played not only their new track but ALL of their hits and every one of my favourite songs…it was like I had wrote the set list it was orgasmic. I heard all of the songs I listened to during my first break up but instead of feeling sadness I felt nothing but un-adulterated joy and it was like a re-birth. I have never felt so connected with myself EVER it was fan-bloody-tastic…an experience that will never be topped.

Since that concert I have felt something bubbling inside of me and it’s still there brewing away.

Tegan and Sara saved my soul

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


Sunday, 13 June 2010

I want my copy of Diva tesco why do you deny me!‏

I’ve been reading DIVA since coming out 3 years ago and have been happily purchasing it without problems in Liverpool since then. DIVA has been many a great conversation starter on buses and makes me feel like I am a connected gay, a lesbian with some class, who just happens to love the gossip and pretty girls amongst the arty articles. Now that I’m back in Ireland I’ve suffered withdrawals from my daily dose of gay that I’m used to (what with my bi (steady on) daily trips to the Lisbon and Thursday nights in G-Bar) but at least I could relay on DIVA to keep my gaydar burning…or so I thought.

This month I went to the nearest Tesco superstore to fill my lesbian needs (who are listed as stockist) and smiled as I passed the smaller Men’s section and saw amongst the usual ititts, teeth n technology collection, GT and Men’s Health popping their gay friendly heads up from the shelf. “OH JOY!” I declared “They shall have DIVA! These are gay friendly folk after all!” I was sadly disappointed as I was confronted by the usually tabloid rubbish, Wedding material, and several different psychology magazines. Now I have it on very good authority that there are more lesbians in Lisburn (where I am sadly stuck) than psychologists and people here are generally mental due to the earth crushing boredom of living here.

So I politely inquired at customer services desk and was meet with a vacant stare and as I explained a bit more the guy on shift started to drool slightly and didn't have a clue as to what I should do. While the situation is pretty lame what made me more angry than anything and made me put my “Ranty feminist” hat on was the fact that they were happily selling the gay boy favourites and didn’t have ANYTHING for us gay girls….why have GT and not DIVA? Are lesbians not welcome but flamboyant lovely lads who kiss lads are? A sad message for any baby dyke looking for an outlet for her curiosities…I was that baby dyke and wouldn’t like to see others suffer.

Luckily I have happy news that the Eason’s 3 miles away DOES stock DIVA but I feel Tesco should contribute to my £2.30 bus fare to retrieve my favourite magazine so that I can keep up with the latest Justin Bieber haircut and shrug jeans because being gay is tricky enough without being out of the fashion loop which would surely cause my ultimate dating death when I do return to normality.

Oh the lengths I will go to JUST to stay in the lesbian loop of cool


Cherry cherry boom boom


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Football n beer makes Emuh goes crazy

So it's that time again World cup time "YAY!" I hear you cry and "Boo!" I hear your girlfriends cry. Well I for one am deffo in the "Yay!" tribe despite my problems with the amount footballers get paid and how much they get away with I love football. It's my sporting indulgance and it turns my usual calm, cool self into a ranting raving lunatic.

I'm a healthily competative person as in I'll try my hardest to win but don't mind to loose to a better turns me into a ladette and I get very passionate.

Usually on the mens world stage I am a Brazil fan through and through but after all the bad luck England have suffered on the run up to this tornument I felt it was my duty as an English Citizen to show the guys some support...OK OK it's really because I loath the US football team they are arrogant toss pots that need to be taken down a peg or two...and they cheat! (well they did in tonights game) bad show I destest bad sportsmanship with a passion what's the point in playing if you have to play dirty to win? SIGH

However I have every faith England will make it past group and into the semi-finals...where they will ruin their chances as they do every world cup.

I only wish the Womens team got as much support because they're twice the team and get further with more consistentcy (we've won the world cup twice pre-fifa sponsership) sigh but what are you gonna do fact is boys just don't like girls being good at football...

well my gay girl points went up today as I drank beer and watched football in my 2006 kit RETRO ding

cherry cherry boom boom


Friday, 11 June 2010

Incy wincy spider...gave me a bump

NOT happy...

being a nature lovin' every creature has its place (except slugs ew) kinda girl I decided to save a spider from the bath last night and all went well...till the spider decided to stay put by the open door no biggie....till in a sleepy blurry eyed state I walked smack bang into head hurts

cherry cherry boom boom ow


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

This is the end

*comes out from under a rock fighting back vines and other impressive greenery*

pant pant pant BLOGGER!!

*sneaky vine attempts to wrap itself around leg of our valiant heroine*


*umberellllllllla whack!*

pant pant pant


seriously wtf happened to the past month!

I'll tell you what happend I just had to do exams that determine how the rest of my life will pan out is what happened!

So college is done I graduate in a month and I'm skerrrrrrrred!

I'm being forced to grow up and I don't wanna simple as that!


so here it is ladies the end of my wild lesbian shenanigans at college...and the begining of my life as a non baby gay...from now on I'm just a gay...and it makes me a bit sad I no longer have an excuse...still I'll be here blogging my disastors but the blog needs a new title as I am no longer a lesbian in college :(

cherry cherry boom boom


(p.s I'll have exciting gay outting to Tegan and Sara coming up so be ready for that;) )

Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm here, I'm Queer...but you knew that already

Hey hey hey

so it's been a crazy crazy couple of months here in Emuh land I've been swamped with University work and get this peeps I just finished my degree....AH!

So this means after graduating in July (I hope....eeeeeeeck) I must become a grown up and get a J-O-B n pay taxes and all kinds of nonsense! scarry times

other less fun things have happened to me these months my mum got really ill and last week the death of my lifetime best friend Rags has made me ultra depressed....but that's for another website and another time

I recenlty i.e yesturday did a performance about homophobia and prop 8 and 2 key parts of that were this mockumentry and this parody a few minutes? wanna see it? suuuuuure!

Cherry cherry boom boom ladies I hope I have some more exciting things to tell yall soon


Sunday, 14 March 2010

We're getting No Where- UK Premiere

EDIT IN: If you wanna see the Q&A session please feel free to watch the vidjas at my yotube page: first 5 vidjas are all yours ladies :D

So here it is the first blog in a month but I have some actual exciting news...and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait…

So a few weeks ago I like all of you heard the very cool news that the JB and Cathy DeBuono were hitting UK shores for the “And then Came Lola” premiere in London…then came the even BETTER news that they were heading in my direction up north to the bustling metropolis that is Yorkshire…wait…YORKSHIRE!!! Like in the middle of no where serial killer Yorkshire!!! AH!!!

So gathering my lesbian posse we loaded ourselves into the car and took the scariest drive ever through the winding roads, we hovered over the treacherous drops and frightened each other with tales of the murderous rapists and zombie sheep that could attack us at any moment …it was interesting.

So we arrived in the shire alive, hopped up on Haribo and early. Therefore we decided to go eat before stepping into the bar…I had some over-priced chicken that tasted like fish (not the good kind either) and nervously sipped on some Dandelion and Burdock.

I should pause here for a moment to explain that two of the people in my lesbian posse have regular contact with famous celes-bians so were therefore cool as cucumbers. Unlike me and Second Emma, who were ready to run away and wet ourselves with the excitement and nerves of it all. It was rather like holidays with the family and 2 annoying small children, with 20 year old lesbians as the children.

So after a few minutes of squirming around and getting increasingly more annoying and bouncy they arrived, like a golden entity emerging from the clouds, it was very glorious.

It was THE most surreal nights I’ve spent like I was experiencing the entire event through a lens. There is nothing like watching a film with the actors in the room, just hearing the tinkle of a giggle or some chit chat over the dialogue. Q n A was funny as usual and I to everyone’s great great glee the JB did the Lilly voice and they answered some really interesting (if sometimes long winded and annoying) questions.

The best part of my night (besides having Jill Bennett nestle in my boobs and tell me I smelled good…BEST. MOMENT. EVER.) was telling them both how much what they have done had helped me come out and make the awesome friends I have now and seeing that it actual meant something to them both.

After the event was over we got to have a really lovely walk around the village with them and talked about the most random things ranging from history to why drinking WKD blue makes you look like a chav.

I can honestly say that it was THE best night out I’ve ever had since coming out and that Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono are as gracious and witty in real life as they are online an that if you ever get the chance to meet them do you’ll never regret it.

So after that night of epic excitement tuckered out and still full of squee we headed on the open road. Fangirled out and armed with the immortal words straight from the JB “I’m nestling in your boobs and you smell REALLLLY good”

I can die happy now

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Don't you hate it

when you sit down write an entire blog and google decides it's bollocks and doesn't save it?


Friday, 12 February 2010

The cold war....I SHALL WIN

Weekend survival kit and weaponry to defeat "Icky, snotty snoozles n woozles":

-Pack of Beechams extra strength cold n flu tablets
-Assorted flavors of Halls Soothers (Cherry, Blackcurrent and Honey & Lemon)
-Industrial sized bottle of Lucozade
-Tea tree and aloe vera room fan
-Galaxy brand hot chocolate
-Soup (assorted flavors including Heinz tomoato)
-Family pack of fun size Mars bars
-Xena seasons 1-6
-The L word season 1-5
-Sugar Rush seasons 1&2
-Assorted books

Bring it on you bastard cold! I WILL OWN YOU!!

sniff sniff


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Uniting all teh people I have found a way!

and her name is Ms Kelly Clarkson!!!

OK I'm not even kidding I just got back from the EPIC WIN that was Kelly Clarkson in Manchester and the mix of people there was breathtaking.

Clearly all the gays and the straights can agree on the awesome of Ms Clarkson, I saw a married couple of at least 50 singing loudly along to the row of lesbians in front of the huge group of gay guys, it was a beautiful thing to watch.

My friend and I noticed 2 things tonight:

1-all the gays love the Clarkson and thuse the lesbian/gay men divide should come to an end and we should unite with a vicously loud chorus of "I DO NOT HOOK UP UP!!"

2-Kelly Clarkson is a lot more fun when she's had a cheeseburger

Ok that last one was a bit mean but seriously my toungue wasn't of the floor the entire time with the bouncing curves of Kelly Fitty Clarkson as she leaped around the stage delivering note afteramazing note.

Not only did she sing every top 10 hit she's ever had BUT she covered my favorite Patsy Cline song with such gusty it made me have a tiny tiny orgasim in my heart....TMI perhaps but it was THAT good.

But getting back to the divide this was probably the gayest audience I have ever seen lesbian after lesbian, butch and femme a like, the campest boy to the hairest bear they were all there and enjoying themselves immensly, it was a truely beautiful site, so I have concluded that in order to get the gays united Kelly Clarkson must become our queen...that's it end of story.


It was a wicked concert and I don't care who judges me for STILL loving the Clarkson she is epic win.


Well I'm off to enjoy the slightly blurry videos and pictures I have so enjoy the night

Cherry cherry Boom Boom


p.s I hope the colts win...just cos they wear blue like my favorite football team :D

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Question times.....

Question number 1:

When a stranger adds you to facebook, comments on YOUR wall but delets your posts, is older than you, invites you out drinking and is "in a reletionship" are they trying to make you their younger woman on the side?

Discuss in 500 words or less

and yes you will be graded

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dear blogger

I really do have some stuff to write about it's just I have ACTUAL work I need to be doing right now....I feel like the worst girlfriend of all I'm cheating on you with a fancy European Cinema essay with referancing...I'm sorry I didn't mean to! It's meaningless! It means only one thing to me!

So my darling I swear to textually fulfill you

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom