Sunday, 13 June 2010

I want my copy of Diva tesco why do you deny me!‏

I’ve been reading DIVA since coming out 3 years ago and have been happily purchasing it without problems in Liverpool since then. DIVA has been many a great conversation starter on buses and makes me feel like I am a connected gay, a lesbian with some class, who just happens to love the gossip and pretty girls amongst the arty articles. Now that I’m back in Ireland I’ve suffered withdrawals from my daily dose of gay that I’m used to (what with my bi (steady on) daily trips to the Lisbon and Thursday nights in G-Bar) but at least I could relay on DIVA to keep my gaydar burning…or so I thought.

This month I went to the nearest Tesco superstore to fill my lesbian needs (who are listed as stockist) and smiled as I passed the smaller Men’s section and saw amongst the usual ititts, teeth n technology collection, GT and Men’s Health popping their gay friendly heads up from the shelf. “OH JOY!” I declared “They shall have DIVA! These are gay friendly folk after all!” I was sadly disappointed as I was confronted by the usually tabloid rubbish, Wedding material, and several different psychology magazines. Now I have it on very good authority that there are more lesbians in Lisburn (where I am sadly stuck) than psychologists and people here are generally mental due to the earth crushing boredom of living here.

So I politely inquired at customer services desk and was meet with a vacant stare and as I explained a bit more the guy on shift started to drool slightly and didn't have a clue as to what I should do. While the situation is pretty lame what made me more angry than anything and made me put my “Ranty feminist” hat on was the fact that they were happily selling the gay boy favourites and didn’t have ANYTHING for us gay girls….why have GT and not DIVA? Are lesbians not welcome but flamboyant lovely lads who kiss lads are? A sad message for any baby dyke looking for an outlet for her curiosities…I was that baby dyke and wouldn’t like to see others suffer.

Luckily I have happy news that the Eason’s 3 miles away DOES stock DIVA but I feel Tesco should contribute to my £2.30 bus fare to retrieve my favourite magazine so that I can keep up with the latest Justin Bieber haircut and shrug jeans because being gay is tricky enough without being out of the fashion loop which would surely cause my ultimate dating death when I do return to normality.

Oh the lengths I will go to JUST to stay in the lesbian loop of cool


Cherry cherry boom boom


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