Thursday, 28 October 2010

What have I been up to?

Hey friends,

again I have vanished into the world and have seemingly forgotton you!

Not so blogger!

Here I am back to get you up to date on my life....again in my favorite form the list!

1-Football: I have become very gay and joined a lesbian football team, and thus I have accidently gotton a semi active gay sociol life which is both scary and awesome :D I have infiltrated the Belfast gay scene and have been to the gay bars with other gays.

2-Developing a new cartoon idea- which takes a suprisingly long ass time I hope to get it rolling out by the end of the month so...yer

3-Applying for jobs I really don't want but desperatly need- ah the fate of the theatre graduate :(

4-Joining the gym and attempting to shift some of this horrid stuff that is my unfortunate frame- I know get me but I'm determined to get a bit fitter instead of a bit fatter

5-Dating- yerp for some unknown reason a girl I really like seems to like me too which has resulted in me floating around the house in a daze and generally being an annoying muppet

So that is pretty much it

I wish I had more gossip but alas I do not

Cherry cherry boom boom


Saturday, 16 October 2010

I found the lesbians!!!

Hey Blogger,

I have VERY exciting news….I have actually found the lesbians in Belfast!

I’m really NOT the only one here in the sticks

I shall not bore you with every detail but suffice to say I joined a gay football team and it has opened the rainbow doors of these the sticks in which I live.

That is why I haven’t been around much I have been VERY busy actually being a gay and getting out and meeting other ladies who are also gay.

It’’s like I have been plunged into an episode of “Queer as Folk” and I’m Nathan…it’s just a bit epic

Except they touch my hair a lot…which is strange…

Oh well I must go rest up for our next match this Sunday

Come on you Belfast Braves!