Saturday, 20 February 2010

Don't you hate it

when you sit down write an entire blog and google decides it's bollocks and doesn't save it?


Friday, 12 February 2010

The cold war....I SHALL WIN

Weekend survival kit and weaponry to defeat "Icky, snotty snoozles n woozles":

-Pack of Beechams extra strength cold n flu tablets
-Assorted flavors of Halls Soothers (Cherry, Blackcurrent and Honey & Lemon)
-Industrial sized bottle of Lucozade
-Tea tree and aloe vera room fan
-Galaxy brand hot chocolate
-Soup (assorted flavors including Heinz tomoato)
-Family pack of fun size Mars bars
-Xena seasons 1-6
-The L word season 1-5
-Sugar Rush seasons 1&2
-Assorted books

Bring it on you bastard cold! I WILL OWN YOU!!

sniff sniff


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Uniting all teh people I have found a way!

and her name is Ms Kelly Clarkson!!!

OK I'm not even kidding I just got back from the EPIC WIN that was Kelly Clarkson in Manchester and the mix of people there was breathtaking.

Clearly all the gays and the straights can agree on the awesome of Ms Clarkson, I saw a married couple of at least 50 singing loudly along to the row of lesbians in front of the huge group of gay guys, it was a beautiful thing to watch.

My friend and I noticed 2 things tonight:

1-all the gays love the Clarkson and thuse the lesbian/gay men divide should come to an end and we should unite with a vicously loud chorus of "I DO NOT HOOK UP UP!!"

2-Kelly Clarkson is a lot more fun when she's had a cheeseburger

Ok that last one was a bit mean but seriously my toungue wasn't of the floor the entire time with the bouncing curves of Kelly Fitty Clarkson as she leaped around the stage delivering note afteramazing note.

Not only did she sing every top 10 hit she's ever had BUT she covered my favorite Patsy Cline song with such gusty it made me have a tiny tiny orgasim in my heart....TMI perhaps but it was THAT good.

But getting back to the divide this was probably the gayest audience I have ever seen lesbian after lesbian, butch and femme a like, the campest boy to the hairest bear they were all there and enjoying themselves immensly, it was a truely beautiful site, so I have concluded that in order to get the gays united Kelly Clarkson must become our queen...that's it end of story.


It was a wicked concert and I don't care who judges me for STILL loving the Clarkson she is epic win.


Well I'm off to enjoy the slightly blurry videos and pictures I have so enjoy the night

Cherry cherry Boom Boom


p.s I hope the colts win...just cos they wear blue like my favorite football team :D