Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Key to Happiness

So you know the way I had massive news?

I don't really want to get too over excited yet but seeing as it's so close to happening I thought I'd share.

There's a 98% chance I will be moving in with my writting partner and lesbian bestie Gemma by the end of July :D

I'm really really hoping this happens because Gemma is awesome and I NEED to move out of my mums house. I still have some details to take care of in reguards of helping mum with bills and getting a room mate agreement drawn up but I feel pretty confident this is gonna happen.

It's gonna be a lesbian barbie dream house except without the hot pink (boke) and with a lot more vodka.

So that's part one of the big news I'll report back with part two asap so stay tuned.

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


Monday, 13 June 2011


Hello my few and faitful followers I am here to procalim that I am not dead!

I shall be back in a week or two once I get my laptop back, I am currently mooching off my friend Gemma and muh as I love her, we all know I blog better at 3am when madness sets in.

I have quite a lot to tell you guys and I'm very excited.

My life may be changing drastically in the next month or so and I'm very excited.

I also pinkie promise to keep this blog up better with lesbionic topics of lesbianity.

I miss you guys

Keep the faith

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom