Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Life begins at 22


I sit here alone in a dark corner of a cafe in my hometown of Lisburn with my iced-mocha and free wi-fi and think how far this town has come in the past 10 years

and then I think that's all balony and it is I who have changed

I've gone from the reclussive teenager with a desire to only disappear to a woman who can sit alone in a crowded cafe in a silly shabby hat drinking pretencious coffee and chatting idily to the old ladies that sit at the table next to me.

I've achieved one of my ultimate life goals and I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

Teachers once told my parents that I was incabible of passing the 11+ with anything higher than a C2...(I proved them wrong by getting a B1) and now I sit here with a BA first class degree and my entire life streched out before me.

It is incredibly scary to think that in the next 10 years I will be starting my carrer, moving to a new city alone, and be turning 30 a thought that has petrified me since my 16th birthday.

I am thankful that my life hasn't hit it's ultimate peak yet, grateful I was a geek, and I hope I remain so because it makes for more interesting conversations than the status quo (I doubt the Mean Girl types have ever had a debate about the possibility that Prof. McGonogal ever had sex once transformed into a cat and wither that made her guilty of beastiality....cough)

so here is to the next 10 years where hopefully the blog enteries will make for much more interesting reading as I start the horrofying yet exciting journey into adulthood

but don't worry I intend to never grow up...Harry Potter World 2011 is gonna happen!

Luffs n cookies