Saturday, 12 June 2010

Football n beer makes Emuh goes crazy

So it's that time again World cup time "YAY!" I hear you cry and "Boo!" I hear your girlfriends cry. Well I for one am deffo in the "Yay!" tribe despite my problems with the amount footballers get paid and how much they get away with I love football. It's my sporting indulgance and it turns my usual calm, cool self into a ranting raving lunatic.

I'm a healthily competative person as in I'll try my hardest to win but don't mind to loose to a better turns me into a ladette and I get very passionate.

Usually on the mens world stage I am a Brazil fan through and through but after all the bad luck England have suffered on the run up to this tornument I felt it was my duty as an English Citizen to show the guys some support...OK OK it's really because I loath the US football team they are arrogant toss pots that need to be taken down a peg or two...and they cheat! (well they did in tonights game) bad show I destest bad sportsmanship with a passion what's the point in playing if you have to play dirty to win? SIGH

However I have every faith England will make it past group and into the semi-finals...where they will ruin their chances as they do every world cup.

I only wish the Womens team got as much support because they're twice the team and get further with more consistentcy (we've won the world cup twice pre-fifa sponsership) sigh but what are you gonna do fact is boys just don't like girls being good at football...

well my gay girl points went up today as I drank beer and watched football in my 2006 kit RETRO ding

cherry cherry boom boom


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