Tuesday, 8 June 2010

This is the end

*comes out from under a rock fighting back vines and other impressive greenery*

pant pant pant BLOGGER!!

*sneaky vine attempts to wrap itself around leg of our valiant heroine*


*umberellllllllla whack!*

pant pant pant


seriously wtf happened to the past month!

I'll tell you what happend I just had to do exams that determine how the rest of my life will pan out is what happened!

So college is done I graduate in a month and I'm skerrrrrrrred!

I'm being forced to grow up and I don't wanna simple as that!


so here it is ladies the end of my wild lesbian shenanigans at college...and the begining of my life as a non baby gay...from now on I'm just a gay...and it makes me a bit sad I no longer have an excuse...still I'll be here blogging my disastors but the blog needs a new title as I am no longer a lesbian in college :(

cherry cherry boom boom


(p.s I'll have exciting gay outting to Tegan and Sara coming up so be ready for that;) )

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