Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm here, I'm Queer...but you knew that already

Hey hey hey

so it's been a crazy crazy couple of months here in Emuh land I've been swamped with University work and get this peeps I just finished my degree....AH!

So this means after graduating in July (I hope....eeeeeeeck) I must become a grown up and get a J-O-B n pay taxes and all kinds of nonsense! scarry times

other less fun things have happened to me these months my mum got really ill and last week the death of my lifetime best friend Rags has made me ultra depressed....but that's for another website and another time

I recenlty i.e yesturday did a performance about homophobia and prop 8 and 2 key parts of that were this mockumentry and this parody a few minutes? wanna see it? suuuuuure!

Cherry cherry boom boom ladies I hope I have some more exciting things to tell yall soon


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