Sunday, 14 March 2010

We're getting No Where- UK Premiere

EDIT IN: If you wanna see the Q&A session please feel free to watch the vidjas at my yotube page: first 5 vidjas are all yours ladies :D

So here it is the first blog in a month but I have some actual exciting news...and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait…

So a few weeks ago I like all of you heard the very cool news that the JB and Cathy DeBuono were hitting UK shores for the “And then Came Lola” premiere in London…then came the even BETTER news that they were heading in my direction up north to the bustling metropolis that is Yorkshire…wait…YORKSHIRE!!! Like in the middle of no where serial killer Yorkshire!!! AH!!!

So gathering my lesbian posse we loaded ourselves into the car and took the scariest drive ever through the winding roads, we hovered over the treacherous drops and frightened each other with tales of the murderous rapists and zombie sheep that could attack us at any moment …it was interesting.

So we arrived in the shire alive, hopped up on Haribo and early. Therefore we decided to go eat before stepping into the bar…I had some over-priced chicken that tasted like fish (not the good kind either) and nervously sipped on some Dandelion and Burdock.

I should pause here for a moment to explain that two of the people in my lesbian posse have regular contact with famous celes-bians so were therefore cool as cucumbers. Unlike me and Second Emma, who were ready to run away and wet ourselves with the excitement and nerves of it all. It was rather like holidays with the family and 2 annoying small children, with 20 year old lesbians as the children.

So after a few minutes of squirming around and getting increasingly more annoying and bouncy they arrived, like a golden entity emerging from the clouds, it was very glorious.

It was THE most surreal nights I’ve spent like I was experiencing the entire event through a lens. There is nothing like watching a film with the actors in the room, just hearing the tinkle of a giggle or some chit chat over the dialogue. Q n A was funny as usual and I to everyone’s great great glee the JB did the Lilly voice and they answered some really interesting (if sometimes long winded and annoying) questions.

The best part of my night (besides having Jill Bennett nestle in my boobs and tell me I smelled good…BEST. MOMENT. EVER.) was telling them both how much what they have done had helped me come out and make the awesome friends I have now and seeing that it actual meant something to them both.

After the event was over we got to have a really lovely walk around the village with them and talked about the most random things ranging from history to why drinking WKD blue makes you look like a chav.

I can honestly say that it was THE best night out I’ve ever had since coming out and that Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono are as gracious and witty in real life as they are online an that if you ever get the chance to meet them do you’ll never regret it.

So after that night of epic excitement tuckered out and still full of squee we headed on the open road. Fangirled out and armed with the immortal words straight from the JB “I’m nestling in your boobs and you smell REALLLLY good”

I can die happy now

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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