Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tegan and Sara saved my soul

Hey hey gays sorry for the delay but I’ve still been in post concert ecstasy the past week.

Oh my and WHAT a concert it was…

I arrived with my friend Sarah in tow (who I’ve been attempting to seduce for the past 6 years but she remains impervious to my advances woe is me) on that warm summer evening and we were greeted to a mile long wash of check shirts and stylishly straightened Justin Beiber haircuts we knew we were in the right place. We decided to skip the line and have a coffee as we waited for the doors to open an hour later. Over mocha lattes I explained to Sarah the uniform of the lesbian and why Tegan and Sara have such a HUGE international following which made me feel epic win as Sarah is a music aficionado.

I entered the Mandela hall a bundle of caffeine induced nerves and practically downed my first pint. I’d changed no less than 4 times for this gig, did my hair too much and was giddy as a girl could be. I was more excited about this gig than I was for my first date…THAT is how much I love Tegan and Sara.

They have been one of my favourite bands since my first girlfriend sent me their song “The Con” in order to “Express her feelings for me as she couldn’t find the words” how tragically baby gay but it worked. I’ve been hooked on them ever since, but never dreamed I’d ever get to see them live and in person.

The warm up act was the lame of LAME he really did not understand the crucial moment he was involved in. But after a few boos from antsy lesbians he got the idea and soon shut up…

Then they arrived to the loudest reception I’ve ever heard and yours truly had flirted her way up to the third row so I was very close. I proceeded to experience something quite spiritual it was fantastic they played the longest set I’ve ever seen a band play (almost 3hours) played not only their new track but ALL of their hits and every one of my favourite songs…it was like I had wrote the set list it was orgasmic. I heard all of the songs I listened to during my first break up but instead of feeling sadness I felt nothing but un-adulterated joy and it was like a re-birth. I have never felt so connected with myself EVER it was fan-bloody-tastic…an experience that will never be topped.

Since that concert I have felt something bubbling inside of me and it’s still there brewing away.

Tegan and Sara saved my soul

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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