Thursday, 2 December 2010

The “G” word

Ok friends I have astounding news

After much deliberation I have some exciting news

I The Emuh geeky writer of this blog have gained an actual real life, no I haven’t made her up, yes she is actually real and amazing, Girlfriend.

I’m going to let that marinade with you all for a second as you remember who I am and what I am like

Still need a moment?



Ok that’s long enough!

Geez you guys is it really that hard to believe?

I know it really is I can hardly believe it myself if she hadn’t flicked me in the ear earlier I would still be questioning her existence.

I’m not sure how to cope with it to be perfectly honest I’ve never been anyone’s *gulp* girlfriend before that wasn’t long distance, completely horrid or imaginary. I’ve been trying my best not too be so Emuh on the situation but the truth of the matter is GP (Gal Pal) makes me feel and act like a teenager who is going out with their favourite pop star. I have and always have been and will continue to be the funny but fugly friend in the movie of life; you know the un-fancied cynical one you go to when you’re love life is in fail mode? Me all over but now GP has made me a soppy romantic mess. And I finally, for the first time in my sad existence I feel like a co-star in my own life.

I’m no Shane but I’m no virgin either but I’ve never been with someone who seems to find the hot mess in my facebook profile picture attractive. I know she’s not legally blind still it’s pretty close, but it’s a very strange sensation to be called pretty by someone as beautiful as GP is. Any “romance” (and I use the term very loosely) has been the result of someone else’s desperation. Because I have been female and there is usually the only reason people go near me but GP has been sober and has still asked to go out with me again and enjoys kissing my face in public it’s incredibly strange. People have always been too ashamed of me to admit we’re even friend let alone “an item”

That’s why I’m terrified I’m going to mess it up somehow 

She makes me ache, and tingle, and shiver, and makes me want to write poetry (awful idea I’m an awful poet~), and makes me nervous as hell when I see her, an and and and OH. MY.GAWD I am so going to get my heart broken when she figures out I’m not worthy to kiss the tip of her fingers. I’m ridiculously into her, like RIDICULOUSLY into her but she never quite understands how she makes me feel. So I guess I’m just going to HAVE to figure out how to be a girlfriend pretty quickly so that she realises….

Cherry cherry boom boom readers


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