Wednesday, 24 November 2010

my dream girl....

A bit shorter than me about 5'7, curvy with thick red hair, the deepest green eyes possible, freckles across her nose, small pretty teeth and plump lips.

She'd love to read and speak French, a bit of a geek with a wicked sense of humor that would get us into endless trouble on buses.

She'd like my cooking and prefer to do the washing than the drying, sitting on the sofa she'd curl up and lie on my lap and let me be sentimental as I stroked her hair.

She'd never wear contacts and insist that her glasses are not retro even though they really are, she'd make fun of my "comfortable shoes" and argue with me about who can do the best accents.

She'd make fun of me for keeping her letters but never insists I throw them away, she may not get my Xena obsession but she doesn't have to.

She'd have read the Harry Potter series more than 3 times and actually likes it when I randomly burst into song.

She'd never make fun of my crooked smile and wouldn't ever tell me I need to diet, wouldn't ever complain about the food she's eaten and we'd tease each other constantly in strange voices.

She'd HATE Twilight and would rather chill in the pub with some decent music than go out to clubs at the weekends.

She'd borrow my clothes without asking and I'd curse her that the oversized look of them looks great on her and when she's not around I'd love it that my wadrobe smells like her.

She'd paint and get messy for no other reason than she enjoys it, she'd let me go first in the shower and relax with the paper rather than bang on the door.

She'd be laid back but not switched off, she'd like a good argument with a great make up.

She'd love just kissing, getting caught in the rain she throws her umbrella away and let's her hair get soaked, she never complains that life isn't perfect like I do and let's me have my mad moments, she'd leave me alone when I need it but be right there when I needed her.

She wouldn't be perfect and I'd be able to get her out of her bad mood with my brilliant sparkling sense of humor, she'd loose at tickle fights quite gleefully, never tell me I couldn't touch her wobbly bits, and dress like she wants never according to trends...but the most the important thing is she would like me for me and would possible love me for all my faults.


cherry cherry boom boom


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