Sunday, 13 December 2009

The curse of the crazy lesbians…I’m under it…


Hey ladies long time, no proper blog sorry has been under a mountain of work pre-Christmas. But I have this blog to hopefully appease and entertain you :D

So what’s been going on since we last spoke?

Well I’ve turned into a right playa and been on a few dates…

Yeah…with CRAZY GAYS!!!

Seriously why am I always the one that pulls the crazy ones?

I’m the person in my group of friends who has the funny dating stories, the sexual disasters, the stalkers and no girlfriend…In the American Pie of life I’m the Jason Biggs character…or in more lesbian terms I’m Dana without the Lara…and without the cancer…

Safe to say after the past 3 months I have had experience with the following:

1-The one night stand that won’t go away
2-The youtube fan girl
3- The drunk
4- The u-hauler
5- The cold n cold type
6- The wannabee Shane
7-The Nazi sympathiser

Now in some of the recent cases one or more of the above were combined in one uber crazy lesbian.

It’s always me that goes out with some seemingly ok girl who ends up being completely crazy….

I’m too polite to say no that’s my problem…I’ve never been out with someone I really fancy…my problem is because I don’t feel like anyone would really like me I always feel obliged to go along with anyone who does, even if I don’t fancy ‘em. I blame my ex who treated me like I should be grateful to touch the tips of her fingers, sigh…nut one of my New Years resolutions is to only go out with girls I actually like…maybe then even if they are crazy I can regard it as a cute character trait….

So you girls ever had the crazy crazy lesbo stalker?

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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