Thursday, 30 July 2009

I am Mrs Robinson and it’s rather wrong

Hey blogger fans I’m just popping by to let you know I am officially an old pervy lady :(

I was at a local fast food establishment waiting to be served when I noticed the extremely cute cashier smiling at me, she bumped me to the front of the cue and served my super quickly smiling and tossing her hair and all of it…as I was paying she asked me “How’s you’re mum?”….Blink Blink…G’AH!

AND OH MY ACTUAL GOD I instantly recognised the cute girl smiling at me who I’d been mentally undressing as the kid I used to baby sit back in the day!

I’d known her since she was 5 and hadn’t seen her since she was 11 and still very much a girl and now she’s all fit and GROWN up…ewww *does arm flappy grossed out dance*

I consulted my friends and they all agree I’m a perv

Even though she is now 17 it still makes me a filthy old lady

It has thus far been the creepiest moment of my adult life

Cherry cherry boom boom


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