Saturday, 1 August 2009


Hey gays!

I’m no longer a virgin!

Well that’s a different story involving a guitar player and A LOT of alcohol but my parade virginity!

Belfast pride 09 popped my cherry good and proper!

I had an epic amount of fun including being yelled at by protesters, getting hit on by drunk chicks and due to my epic t-shirt I had my cleavage photographed more times than Jodi Marsh!

AND I managed to run into my old gang of gays from Liverpool! It really is a very small gay world after all!

Though small and with the rain it still rocked my socks right off with some great live music and a brilliant atmosphere it was a very cozy way to get introduced to the whole affair.

I’ve never been happier or proud to be a member of the queer community being a lesbian is FRICKING AMASING!!!

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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