Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sorry Trekkies I’m a Xenite

My name is The Emuh and I am…a geek

I’ll that marinade in that SHOCKING revelation for a moment because it’s incredibly hard to believe…

But I am and darn it I love it!

I remember being about 12 walking into a comic book store to induce a stunned silence that a GIRL had infiltrated this manly manly domain…and to this day I still get a slightly bemused reaction when I walk into a “forbidden planet”.

And in talking to some of my lovely geeky male friends we have discovered I am rare breed which sucks for the world in my opinion…a girl who knows every line of dialogue from “Empire strikes back”, can argue the finer points of why “Green Hornet” is a VASTLY superior show to “Batman” and who isn’t afraid to fall over and laugh it off.

I dress in jeans and funny t-shirts, am sarcastic as hell, and will eat a full burger and chips AND a chocolate milkshake….thus I am not sexy however I believe geeky woman are very shmexy…but I admit it and wish more ladies would because I’m a geeky lady who LURVES geeky ladies.

In this world obsessed with being very “Shane” it’s difficult to meet out of the closet girly geeks. That’s why I’m teased by my friends because rather than some ultra cool movie star ala Miss Jolie my dream woman run along the lines of Sue Perkins and Jorja Fox, woman that are cute, smart, funny and un-ashamedly geeks.

I know I’m not alone in my love of geeks but I’m out the closet it…

So I guess my question or rather my statement to the world is why must the geeky ladies hide their Buffy t-shirts and leanings towards staying in to complete their screen accurate costume from season 3 Battle Star?

Lady geeks of the world unite put on your Tina Fey glasses, grab your guitar hero controller and twitter away because you’re shmexy beings of awesome!!!

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


P.S IF YOU NEED PROOF READ THIS: http://mingle2.com/blog/view/10-ways-being-a-geek-makes-you-more-attractive

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