Monday, 23 November 2009

Stero-typing bad times...

Short short blog yall

I get badly stereotyped because I'm dark and look "foreign" I was in the states recently and got stopped no less than 10 times by airport police because I looked the way I do and had a British passport…I try and find the funny side but sometimes I have to wonder why people are so quick to judge me because I have hooded eyes and black hair…it gets annoying.

In terms of being a stereotypical lesbian straight people have no idea because I “don’t look that gay” I’m quite lucky that I’m not that pretty so I don’t get hit on a lot but it’s super annoying when I do because guys don’t get that “I’m a lesbian” they hear “I wanna shag you AND another girl at the same time”

I've found that people judge me a lot more WITHEN the community...again because I don’t LOOK super butch or super femme people assume I’m not gay at all! Can I just clarify I really REALLY am SO gay, I’m not in a “uni phase” I like girls yeah…ok we’re clear

And then on a funnier note girls THAT do get pass the “is she gay” thing are always surprised that I’m not a bottom because I’m a big girl…but that’s always nice for me mwahahaha!

cherry cherry boom boom yall!


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