Thursday, 5 November 2009

Secks-uh-al fantasy

What’s yours ladies?

I’m very weird like because mine are never about hot n sweaty one night stands or threesomes with hot celeb babes…mine are more like me and the wife cuddling in bed while the rain pours down outside….

I don’t tend to talk to my friends about master de bation so haven’t got a wide spectrum on the matter but we’re in agreement that most of us need to think about someone we have feelings for or the fantasy relationship lady…weirdness

I have to say mine is the cheesy straight neighbour who falls for my charms after many nights of wine and talking…yeah I’m very boring romantic type…I can’t help myself sex doesn’t turn me on unless there’s commitment involved….I blame my years as a born again Christian all that “sex is sacred” stuff. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing it just makes it difficult to get my kicks when sex without love makes me feel dirty and insecure….

So is it just me who gets off on the idea of a committed relationship?

Would love to hear from you guys

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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MsKitty0303 said...

I get off on all sex as long as it is good but sex with that one person who means the world to you and you melt from their touch is the best. Its no longer sex...its love making. Thats the best next to make up sex.