Friday, 28 January 2011

The BiSEXual question


It is 2011!

I am back!

I am a whore!

I am blogging once more!

well TRYING to blog...

Ok so I was here wrecking my brain to trying to decide what my first official blog of 2011 should be, should it be sexy, funny, tragic, or boring?

Well I've chosen a topic close to my heart....well my vagina really SEX but more specifically sex with bisexual girls.

Now I have made a fair few lesbian friends the past year or so and most of them are uniform in their agreement that "Bi sexual girls aren't as good in bed as lesbians"


I'm not one of these lesbians who excludes bisexuals from their dating pool for fear of getting boy cooties all over me. I've pretty much always had the view that if a girl regardless of how she labels herself is interested in me that makes her "Emuh-Sexual" and that is absolutely fine with me. Bi-sexual girls are just as eager to have sex in my experience than lesbians, in fact some have deffffffffffffffinatly out lady lusted the lesbians I've been with.

For example I semi-dated a girl in uni for a couple of weeks, she was the stereotypes of all stereotypes EXCEPT in the bedroom, she point blank refused to go anywhere near my lady bits with anything but a timid finger for 20 seconds and I'm pretty sure the very word "vagina" scared her beyond belief. It was without a doubt THE worst sex I've ever had with anyone and all this from a gold star lesbian who claimed to never fail to make a girl cum....except for me obviously sigh :s

Now in my time I've had the good fortune to sleep with a very bi-sexual girl, who on the surface was very femme, you know the type who would look at you're naked body and exclaim "OMG YOU HAVE BEWBS!" well blow m if she wasn't as hungry for lady bits as I am! Not only that she was a down right expert with no fear of trying things not just giving that area a bit of a poke with a spoon (don't ask). It was by far the best sex I've ever had with anyone EVER and all this from a girl my friends would describe as undesirable and avoid simply because she was bi and would "have no idea what she was doing"....LESBIANS WTF!?

What I'm trying to say ladies is that ANYONE can be good or bad at doing the sexual thing regardless of how they identify, don't assume that a lesbian will be amazing in bed and that a bisexual won't go down on you. I'm just fed up with the closed mindedness of a community that has to deal with a similar thing every day. So ladies don't go limiting yourself by being bi-hating....they're called bi-SEXUAL for a reason.

Cherry cherry boom boom



Anonymous said...

My girlfriend is bisexual :D I love her <3

Emuh said...

awesome :D

you're clearly very lucky :D

the peagle said...

so true! the most sexual experiences i've had were indeed only with bi-sexuals. oddly, it was the lesbians who were modest.