Friday, 21 November 2008

Bad start to the day...


Well today was crappy...I got up all ready to go to my lecture at 11 and felt very dandy indeed, super pumped because of my screen writting class as I actually had some pretty decent ideas for today. I was raring to go all wide eyed and eager...that is until I got in the shower.

Before you ask no I do not have some weird phobia of seeing my own naked body (though I wouldn't wish that on anyone *shudders*), I reached over to grab my shampoo and swayed into the wall as I nearly blacked out. Now I don't know what it is but last year I DID black out in the shower and hit my neck on the sink (it was in a very small Halls en-suite) and got a weird "u" shaped bruise which made me look like I'd either:

1-Tried to hang myself in a very weird positon

2-Had been having very kinky and extremly aggresive sex involving bondage of some kind

3-Had been leeched upon by some alien life form

Now of those 3 events the last one is the one most likely to happen to me so it wasn't easy to explain to people what had actually happened.

But I digress...

So I got out the shower collapsed to floor and started feeling incredibly incredibly ill, I have a raging fever, my head hurts and my teeth itch. I reckon it's a government plot to get me through the water network by injecting some kind of high tech illegal poison they usally reserve for spies and kebab shop meat. But now I'm sitting her feeling like death with a fever and some soup in my PJs NOT in my lecture.

I'm le pissed at my phailing self


p.s Yeah this has nothing about being a gay or aything I just feel really lame

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