Friday, 21 November 2008

My first atempt at orginizing lesbian lunch...

This here is an offically LESBIAN post...

I meet some ladies for lunch today it was very fun we ended up staying out way past our respective curfews...we're bad girls who need to be punished.

Let's start from the begining...good place to start...

Soooooooooooooooooooo this all really starts with

I accidently stumbled upon afterellen back when I was hiding in the closet, I was googling Americas Next Top Model (do not judge me that show is ACE)...and low and behold there it was in all it's gay glory.

For those of you who do not know afterellen is an AMAZING amazing entertainment website for lesbian and bi-sexual woman. It features many great writters who write witty, and sometimes heartwarming articles about "our world" and what it's like for lesbiaonic ladies. They also provide us lots of gossip about TV film music and awesome stuff which is all the better. I loves those however personally my favorite things on there are the V-logs, especially We're getting no where which has sadly come to and you hear that that's thousands of lesbians crying "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" at that tragedy...and the still going strong and best thing on the net Brunch with Bridget (which stars my soon to be wife Bridget McManus) that really make me lol...but I mean actually Laugh Out Loud as in realz because they are so funny.

I joined afterellen a year ago before I came out when I was "Bi" (code for too scared to be gay) and haven't looked back since, I'm on there everyday and I'm pretty sure it's the reason I'll fail my degree.

But I digress, so I wrote a begging note on the forums there asking where all the lesbians were in my new adoptive city of Liverpool and a couple of lovelies answered which made me squee all over the show.

After a month or so of chatting to these girlies I decided to take the plunge and invite these people out to lunch to chat about what we lesbian vloggers! YAY!!!

So being the best lesbain ever I arranged the meeting in a Vegan Cafe...becuae lesbians and veggie food go togather...well like lesbians and veggie food! Luckily for me they showed up other wise it would have been me alone talking about my love of Bridgets legs...drool.... Dispite the fact I'm socially retarded they seemed to enjoy my weirdness embracing me as quirky not "a freak of nature" the coversation was varied but always flowing which made it amazing I had the best fun I've ever had with my clothes on.

So what can top this Bridget/Jill loves fest? well I plan to get these girls drunk that should be pretty ace :D bwahaha...drunken Jill/Bridget conversations...something tells me that might o a bit wrong....ahem...

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