Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Ladies Ninja Warrior-My new favourite TV show

Ok being basically nocturnal since birth I happen upon some pretty interesting TV shows in the depths of the night…One of my truly epic discoveries was the Japanese genius that is “Takeshi’s Castle”

It’s basically an elaborate obstacle course where random un-fit hyper people run round jumping on polystyrene shapes above 5ft of shallow puddles of brown water, with no regard for health and safety , no real prize and no one ever wins…it is AMAZING and I love it!

However I have since discovered another Japanese show called “Ninja Warrior”

It’s like a slicker version of Takeshi’s Castle except the competitors are healthy, strong, and the obstacles are harder, there IS prize money and ONE person has won.

I don’t know what is both gripping and extremely hilarious about watching Japanese people falling into puddles on rainy days but it’s brilliant. What is perhaps EVEN better than Ninja Warrior?


It is my new favourite show….it may be very anti-feminist of me but…I just can’t get enough….

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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