Sunday, 19 April 2009

The more I read about feminism the more I turn into a 1950s house wife…

OK after reading Carol Churchill and essays about feminism in contemporise culture all day I decided to bake cookies.

Apparently feminism makes you hungry….

I’m a bit of a contradiction to myself because I am a fierce feminist I believe it is the only route in reaching total equality and yet I am the perfect candidate to be someone’s stay at home girlfriend. I love cooking and cleaning, I can sow, I’m good with tools, I can put shelves up straight and I can bake things off the top of my head, from cookies to cakes to scones to pies…I have in-avertedly developed every skill that makes me Susie Home-maker!

Oh the irony of it all….

Anyway the point is it was 9pm and I had been working all day and had a craving for cookies….shops are shut so I decided to bake some…..using my quick n easy technique I developed a new recipe….I used some dried cranberries I had left over and grated some chocolate into the dough and 20 minutes later I had a bakers dozen of tasty tasty cranberry cookies. They are very good even if I say so myself…and best part is the smell of the kitchen is yummy. It does get me that not a lot of students know how to cook simple recipes and how easily impressed they are if you make something from scratch. I remember last year I got bored and baked a chocolate cake with mint icing and my entire flat was stunned….I showed most of them how to make lasagne from scratch and cooked a lot for them, a couple had to use a cook book to make a roast…that gets me. I guess one thing my mum taught me was all the things her grandmother taught her, by getting a feel for food, getting stuck in judging things by texture and smell, not just sticking to what a book says…and then I have my mum’s weird sense of feminism…

She was a right feminist in her day she was the higher wage earner so when I was born my dad stayed at home with me, it was my dad that picked me up and dropped me off from school, and he cooked the dinner and still did after mum retired. I had a weird upbringing my mum had all her feminist ideals but had her religious views that sometime contradicted them. My Dad was a great believer in equality, everyone had a role in our house, he always maintained woman were better suited to running the world and the only time I ever saw him act like an “Alpha male” was if something threatened his family. So I’ve always had that “woman are just as good if not better” attitude and it confuses me when other woman don’t have it, and when people say there’s no need for feminism anymore I get really angry.

There’s one guy on my course in particular that gets my blood boiling whenever we have a debate about feminist theatre he says it is pointless. Whenever we read a play where men are abused he gets up in arms that the female characters are “just as bad as the men which is stupid” ha! Try having men go through thousands of years of oppression then the shoe would be on the other foot. According to him woman have their place and its equal so feminism is redundant because everything’s fine and dandy.

HELLO it’s 2009 and woman STILL don’t get equal pay! Woman are still overlooked when it comes to job security, woman are still top of the crime victim lists, woman are still seen as mothers, wives and whoares by a lot of people and nothing more and the sex industry is still in full swing…now tell me woman are equal…it makes me so angry that woman have been fighting pretty much since the dawn of humanity for their place, and we still haven’t got it….I wish there was a suffragette movement today because I would be in the thick of it, the problem is the majority of woman have to be satisfied or worse don’t care…we’ve lost the will to fight because we’re comfortable.

Man...I need another cookie…

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