Sunday, 15 February 2009

Just because I know how to build a table doesn't mean I'm butch...

For the last time I'm not butch :(

I have absolutly NOTHING against butch girls I just don't identify as one

I know this seems really petty but it does really bug me...I hate labels I realllllly do and this really bugs me....can't I just be myself? I don't dress super girlie and I like to do active things but I like make up and I like feeling like a girl...People seem to think because I have short hair I'm butch, the simple thing I suit diffrent hair lengths and prefer to have it short....when I was a kid I had super long hair and now it's like a control thing for me....whatever I'm rambling.

I guess I'm sick of all the meat marketing that goes on in the gay have to be a type and have a type and stick only to that...but I like people...all sorts of people...sometimes I'm really attracted to "butch" girls sometimes to super "femme" girls but usally I go for people in why do we obsess over labels so much? The world does that to us enough why do we continue this ourselves? So pathetic really....can't we all just get along?

So for now I leave all miffed and ponderous...I wear chapstick and girlie underwear...

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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