Saturday, 7 February 2009


ragrh it's that time of year again....

Offically a week to go before Valentines day

I'm very not excited

I dispise Valentines day I really disappove and no it's not just because I'm single. I don't like the fact that you're forced to be specially in love one day of the year the same as everyone's so pointless and un-romantic. I declare it a halmark holiday from hell, if you're in a reletionship you shouldn't be forced to be special the same day a year as the rest of the planet, pick your own day it's a lot more spontanuos and a lot more fun. There's so much stress around it especilly if it's your first one:

"How much do I spend?"
"How big a card should I get?"
"is she doing anything for me?"

Bad times right there...

And if you ARE single it seems like everyone in the world is in a reletionship and are dedicating their entire time to remind you you're not, how pathetic you are and how you'll never be happy without the lurve. It makes me want to gag....

Yet another reason I have come to hate Valentines day is the extroidanry amount of PSAs that go on in places you are normally safe! On buses, in the library, the laundry room, your own house! I don't like PSAs anyway people eating the face off each other is never pretty but the whole world seems to have a vacum like hold on each other to the point it acts like an anocanda in the dark...too much tounge...eck.

The world must be in an odd number because I never meet any other single people on the V-day thus proving I'm the only single girl left in existance!

even the RADIO becomes your enemy all those cheesy love songs played on a loop is enough to drive anyone a bit du-lally, I swear if I hear "My endless love" one more time to day I'm punching the next person I see. It's bad enough my eyes are assulted with cheap gifts that are strewn around my regular shops that are expected to get you laid....if anyone dare got me a teddy with "I <3 u" on it I would seriously have to beat them down. It's tacky and thoughtless and purlease....

rawr rawr rawr

However I have come up with the perfect plan to save myself from being assulted, I am going to snooze till noon then stay in my PJs all day while I watch my favorite Xena episodes eating all my favorite foods, before drinking a bottle of wine and enoying a large pizza and watching horror movies...THAT is really waht Valentines day is about bloody murder!

So if you are single don't let the smug coupled people get you down...make the day your own...for me valentines day has become "Xena Marathon day" and you know that's better than waiting in line freezing your ass off waiting to get the last table at some sleazy resturaunt. And if you're in a couple don't let the "V word" get to something diffrent and we singletons would appricate that you keep the PSAs down to minimum...thanks

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom



Marsha said...

Em-I just wanted to say-You Go Girl!! Which in the states means-You rock on. Anyway, not to worry your love is out there. As for what to do about V day-Aim for a good memory-it's the best!!!

Emuh said...

Thanks Marsha ^^

I will strive to be happy this weekend but alas I doubt I can handle the lurve