Sunday, 15 February 2009

OMG I puked in the roses sorry...

Valentines day LITERALLY made me sick....not kiding

I woke up with a blistering headache, boiling hot, and looking like death...

Yay :(

so instead of my dream day I spent the day wrapped in my duvet, eating tomoato soup and feeling very sorry for myself. On top of all that I had the most painful toothache was running up to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out with anti-bacterial mouth wash that burned my mouth to the point of me wanting to pull my own tooth out rather than suffer the fluid hate circling my poor poor mouth.

So I ened up all mopey watching "The 100 greatest sex symbols" before getting mad that all this ugly but funny men were getting through and all the woman were super models with no personality....sigh....that's why I'm glad we have the afterellen hot 100 list....

But I am alive (if only just) and was amased to see prius in my driveway....I didn't know people actually bought them.....they remind me of my BLF who wants one but keeps going on about how gay they are....and that cheered me up.

This isn't the greatest funniest blog I know BUT I am going out this week (if I feel better) with my few lesbian friends and in two weeks I'm taking my Bi friend out on a "friend date" to the theatre and then to my favorite resturaunt and then my fave bar it's gonna be a lot of fun.

I have quite a bit of work to do this week to :(


and also I just finished up the first season of my vlog for'm not that happy with it to be honest...I'm not that funny if I'm alone I need smarter people to bounce off.....because I'm the funny/sarcastic one I have a short attention span....oh look a butterfly....

But I didn't think I did that good a ob though I am super super grateful to everyone who watched it.....we'll see if they want me to come back...I have a lot of fun doing it so....we'll see.

So check that out over on

So that's it from me

cherry cherry boom boom


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