Saturday, 3 October 2009

Adam and Steve ae effing...I kinda enjoyed watching


For some reason every website I frequent is touching on the subject of lesbian porn….and what porn lesbian are really into….and here’s the shock horror lesbians just love the gay boy porn!

I have to confess porn some what baffles me on some levels but I’m not going as far as to say I’ve never seen any….

Like many lesbians straight porn turns me off straight away as does “lesbian girl on girl action” produced by straight film makers, it’s the finger nails I mean…just…OUCH! But apart from that it’s the total lack of engagement; the glazed over expressions of the girls, the weird looks to camera, and the fake “OH OH OH OH!” noises that anyone who’s been in a room with a woman having a real orgasm can tell is 100% poppy cock. It’s the fake boobs, the hair extensions, the hairy, sweaty, and some what greasy looking guys that I’m privileged enough to be able to avoid…all that hair…it’s just wrong…

So it’s not hard to see why gay woman get so turned off by the fake-ness of the girls and all that hair…we have enough drama to cop with in the dating world that includes fake-ness and bad hair.

I think on some level those lesbians that have had the experience of trying to be with a man have had to fake enjoyment and the void expression hits a bit too close to home.

Then there’s that “lesbian porn made by lesbians for lesbians” which is…not sexy at all…yes it’s nice to see a representation of what we actually do but it still seems so forced…and if we’re honest I think we need to get acquainted with the lady behind the lady parts before we dive right in there on the whole we lady loving ladies tend to take ourselves rather seriously in the sexy n love departments, because we’re trying so hard to free our sex from the clutches of heterosexual debauchery it seems almost hypocritical of us to exploit it in a similar way. And when your mind is on the complex theories of gender, sex and power it’s kind of difficult to get off….just saying.

So this leads me to the gay boy porn and why so many ladies love it…o at least enjoy it…I am one of these ladies and for a while I though I was the worst lesbian of all time until I discovered it’s our communities dirty little secret. In my opinion it comes down to a single phrase:

You can not fake an erection

It’s that simple really…it’s easier to imagine that being a guy in the male porn industry really is a choice rather than due to some tragic circumstances. Because of the physicality of male sex it’s difficult to imagine the guys aren’t into what they’re doing…yes there is penis involved but that penis doesn’t have ANY interest in me what so ever making it ok to watch. There’s no need for an emotional connection, those guys are having a good time and that’s kinda hot…in fact really hot. And maybe there’s a little bit of the “forbidden fruit” aspect as well “I really shouldn’t be enjoying this but I do…”

In the end I don’t think lesbians dig the gay porn for no reason, and it’s not only the gay girlies, straight ladies dig it to, watching 2 built, cut, pretty boys going at it and ENJOYING it…I mean sex should be about passion, real honest to god I wanna eff you right now so I’m going to…it’s not rocket science.

So if you’re a lady who loves ladies but likes to watch Adam and Steve get it on don’t freak out you are not alone!

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