Thursday, 8 October 2009

My "True" personality test

I was browsing facebook when I came across this:

My results came out as:

Although on the surface you seem to ride life as though it’s the crest of a wave – you have called the coast guard for information about tides beforehand! You are excited by new challenges and are happy to ‘go with the flow’ and try new experiences. You’ll be up for a spontaneous after-work drink with friends but not if it means you miss the last bus home. You’re independent and take balanced risks. You will be happy to date someone who is out of your comfort zone for the experience but when your instincts about a person or situation kick in, you’ll stop and listen. Although you’re ready for fun, you certainly wouldn’t call yourself reckless.

You’re certainly no wallflower but sometimes there may be chinks in your confident exterior. Although unflappable most of the time, you are able to take the opinions of others on board and are able to deal with criticism quite well. You’re comfortable with who you are and although you don’t actively seek approval you appreciate it when it comes your way and it makes you feel good about yourself. Because you can have moments when you’re a bit unsure of yourself, you’re perfectly placed to boost the confidence of others.

On the whole, you’ll believe in someone’s integrity until proved otherwise but you won’t give others as long a rope as your more trusting friends. Life experience has taught you that you should be on your guard and opening up too soon could leave you vulnerable to being hurt. You will expect a new partner to earn your trust and you may take some time to trust someone new. Once trust is in place you’ll feel relaxed and this will make any partner feel secure in the relationship.

So I'm pretty much a walking contradiction


cherry cherry boom boom


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