Monday, 19 October 2009

My new is so choc full of meaning it kinda hurts


what yall think?

Now before yall start on my about it just being a star there are several meaning behind it....

Meaning 1- There are 7 tribes of the Cherokee nation my Grandmother was a mmber of "Th Bear Tribe" and the symbol for cherokee is a 7 pointed star...

Meaning 2- The reason it is the "Elven star" is because the lven star is the ultimate sign of power and the combination of the spirts

Meaning 3- There are 7 people who have shaped my life

Meaning 4 (placement)- Back in the day lesbians would wear a star tattoo on the inside of their wrists to recognise eavh other "today many lesbians have a star tattoo to show their solidarity with their more oppressed historical sisters"

Meaning 5 - It's BAMF!

So no one can say I didn't think this tattoo completly and utterly all the way through....

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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