Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I’m not into butches…except I totally am…sorta…

I have to admit it I am (or at least was) a little bit Butch-phobic….When I first came out just over a year ago. I was so proud of being a woman who likes woman I couldn’t contain the idea of dating or even liking someone who wasn’t super femme, in fact I had that strange notion of…

“If you like girls why are you dating someone who looks like a boy?”

I am not afraid to admit I was a bit ignorant….because I have slowly discovered (without sounding too sleazy about it) that under that button up shirt, levis, and faux-hawk there is an actual OMG woman’s body…I KNOW RIGHT WHO KNEW!?

Now here’s the thing...I’m about to expose myself for the purposes of science…or at least you know mild amusement…

When I’m sober I have to say I find myself checking out cute, femmey chicks with the flowing hair, and cute shirts, and sigh.

When I’m drunk I have to say I find myself making out/sleeping with cute butch chicks with the short hair, and the waistcoats and sigh.

So why am I in denial about my butch crushes?

Well I don’t think it’s simply because they’re butch…it’s the clothes and over all attitude…I’m just not into that overly done up look, all that fake tan and heels. I like that low maintenance thing and I always think a woman no matter what looks better when she’s relaxed, in jeans, a t shirt, with her hair down and no make up. So when you’re out a femme girl will rarely look relaxed, she’ll be all dressed to kill, looking amazing but also really intimidating, well to me anyway and that puts me off. Butch girls by contrast will usually be in a fancier version of their everyday chill clothes, and even if it takes them twice as long as their femme counterparts to get ready they look like it took them 5 minutes and THAT to me is sexy. And in a strange way it’s a little bit of a turn on for me to get hit on by a butch girl because it makes ME feel like a total girl which is a complete change from my day to day life.

I’m admitting it I was totally biased and now I’m starting to see how stupid it was…

So now I think I’m into hot girls: butch, femme, diesel, soft…whatever…I just like woman…pretty woman…sigh….

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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