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Why I <3 AfterEllenDotCom...

Hey yall this isn't an emo "my life is a mess" blog

This is my "SQUEE FANGIRLING!!!" blog about....*drumroll please*



Well where do I start?

I first discovered AE waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the summer of 2005 I was very much in the closset but I was always pro-gay rights so I was re-searching a paper I wrote back in the day and I dunno I found it but then I lost the link and pretty much vanished back in the closset in a whirl of relgion and confussion...Years later in Winter 2007 I was googling "Americas Next Top Model" because I was OBSESSED with it and I stumbled upon the now infamous AE "We're getting no where" blog. I was still very very very deep in the closset at this point so it was my dirty little secret. I didn't join and as soon as I'd visited I'd wipe the internet history just in case my brother was like "ZOMG LESBIANZ!!!!" and tell my mother. I was OBSESSED with the vlogs and they really helped me out (I'll talk more about that later) I was the biggest gayest dork ever...when I came to Uni I finally came out and was free to watch AE to my little hearts content.

Ok I've talked a little bit about how I found AE now I wanna talk about why it's so important or me...

Reason 1-we write this stuff: OK the first thing that I adore about AE are the people that contribute to the content. The vloggers and the writters are real honest to god lesbians and this is important for a few reasons. The main reason though is they don't talk down to many sites have you guys been on that's like this:

"I'm an angelic straight woman but I understand these special feelings your having I can imagine how you're feeling, that is so adorible you like girls you poor little lesbian"

FOR SERIOUS! WTF! RAWR! Anyways the AE peeps actally KNOW what it's like to be a lesbian growing up, comming out, girlfriends, etc. etc. etc. and for that reason it is 10x better than most sites out there.

AEs ability to make me laugh AND think is another reason it's my number 1 website...not my favorite lesbian favorite website (I spend 10+ hours online a day cos I'm a nerd) I get all my information from AE I'm very pro-active and AE is my first resource. That may be pathetic but meh, it's easy to read, has links to all it's info and is the first stop on my bookmarks. Go AE!

They helped my come out and understand that things WILL get easier and this part of my life is just the introduction that I can make my life be whatever I want. So now I'm out and proud and no longer wipe the cookies when I visit fact it's my Number 1 bookmark.

Reason 2- It introduced me to a lot of lesbian cultural stuff I had no idea existed: yerp I was a bad gay. But give me a break I lived in a small Irish town in the middle of no where all I got was Sugar Rush and the L word...that was the extent of my lesbian knowledge so AE introduced me to books, films, TV shows I would have no idea existed. Thus I'm much more aware of the history of lesbians YAYNESS.

In all serious-ness being able to referance cultural stuff has helped me alot ESPECIALLY in uni. I argue a lot with my tutors (being a feminist and having sexist male tutors...I have to represent yessum?) so it's great to be able to say "Bla bla bla referance I read on AE" it's good times.

Reason 3- The vlogs: They make me LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!! for serious I don't watch TV anymore I watch the vlogs thus I have nothing to talk about with my friends...

"Did you see Hollyoaks lasy night?"
"Nu but OMG Dara said the FUNNIEST thing on "The hit list""
*blank stare*

They are seriously the best thing on the internetz....awesomeness

Jill Bennett, Karmen and Dara are me new heros...they are seriously my inspration for doing what I in writting...why? because I want people like the magical 3 to comment on my films/TV shows and instead of mountain lioning my work saying "This is epic in it's awesome"...They inspire me...and that sounded pretentious but I am a little...meh :D

Reason 4-The contributers actually add you to myspaz/facespace etc.: and it's them! I've had messages back!! which almost made me orgasim...hell I'm not gonna lie to yall I DID orgasim...yessum

Reason 5-ITHE BEST REASON EVER!!!!! introduced me to Bridget McManus: *Huge Massive Dorky Grin* Bridget McManus is my rain resson to be joke...she's smart, funny, hit, funny, lovely, hot, funny, hot, funny and SO married...she broke my fat girl heart. I am the BIGGEST BM fan this side of the Atlantic for serious I cyber stalk the poor woman as much as I can it's kinda pathetic but that's what I do...and beside I am a little pathetic. And through Bridget McManus I've been introduced to man many female comedians. I love comedy it's what I ultimatly want to do and I've always complained their aren't enough female comedians out having this new market to pick from is epic in it's awesome. But Bridget is my Bridget....I have one dream to meet her that's it. I wish I could be funny enough to telll her a joke but she'd just look at me like "Who the hell are you?" so...I'm a sad sad fan girl....I love Bridget and if you don't you're SO straight...SO straight...I could go on and on about how awesome Bridget is but this blog has been long enough...

Lastly I <3 AfterEllenDotCom becuase I've meet some awesome girls in the community forums I'm not into the scene here because it's not a plesant emviroment so online is the place I can talk about stuff. Dorky yes Awesome indeed

So here's my thanks to Sarah Warn creator and general Goddess of the AE universe

Thanks AE

You made me gay and that's awesome :D

(this was way too short but I will blog about the indivdual vloggers I love in depth in the futre...and not just AE vloggers I'll go on about SheWired as well cos Cathy is awesome)

Thanks you gays

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


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