Sunday, 21 December 2008


*is a lesbian scourn!"*

OK so it's 5am I'm on my home for christmas cheer with the folks freshly out and yada yada yada

I was all fine and dandy till the KNOB HEAD at security was gonna remove all my badges from my bag for the language...WTFFBBQ!!!

I've traveled EVERYWHERE with this bag...most recently to the states and had NO why is it KNOW when I'm simply going home Hitler is my secruity man?

As if getting frisked wasn't humilating enough I had some twat calling me "Madam"..."MADAM!!" I'm 20 goddam years old!!

I wouldn't be so mad but the badges on my bag are PRIDE badges....ones my friends have given me...I'd have hit the ROOF if he'd have ripped em off (which he did to my mini pair of handcuffs *grumbles*)

Fucking idiot

I'll do his daughter with some handcuffs and put that shit on youtube....

Dood for FUCKING serious!!!

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