Thursday, 8 January 2009

The long overdue holiday post...


How were your holidays?

Mine were epic!

I've had possibly the best christmas of my adult was unexpectidly amazing...

For all you who didn't know I've had a crappy couple of months

Since comming back from the summer I've had nothing but drama, with my room-mates, having no money, and the whole comming out by accident..

So after all this stress I didn't even want to go home for christmas figuring it'd be fighting and horribleness.

When I got to the airport after an annoying bus journey I went to get cash cos I had a fiver left...I went to the machine back loan payment haf come in I was so super happy becuase I could get my family some gifts meaning that may minimize the drama slightly. I got to Belfast with little fuss (cept that wanker security man) and my brother picked me up. Now I'd have a MASSIVE row on the phone with him, he doesn't understand why I don't do the normal thing of going to Greece for a week and getting pissed. He had a big go at me about my trip to the states and it was awful. But he picked me up and gave me a hug and drove me home. We had a chat about it all and cleared the air...then he said something very suprising:
Jeremy: "Ems Mum says you're gay"
Jeremy: notices "Look it doesn't matter to me Ems I still love you you're my little sister"
Emma: smiles
Football on radio is loud

So that was nice....

I got in and after an hour or so of chatting nonsense and hugging me dog my mum asked me "the Question"
Mum: Look are you gay?
Me:Why does it matter?
Mum: I just need to know
Me: I am...
Mum: processes
Me: But you knew that...
Mum: Pretty much...but now I know....make me a cup of tea will you?

So after all that worrying about my family freaking out they have completly excpeted with no questions and haven't treated me any diffrent.
It made me so relaxed I didn't have this secret anymore it was great. There was only one tiny bit of tension about it all on Christmas mum said she wanted to see Broke Back Mounatin...I told her it was about gay cowboys...her response was "Well I've got a gay daughter so what does it matter?" in a nasty brother who never stands up for me looked at her and stopped laughing "What the hell has ems got to do with it?" my mum looked at him then nodded "you''re right Jeremey that was childish...I'm sorry Emma Louise I didn't mean it" I was in shock.

rocked my years was more standered

I am the worst person for New Year I don't like going out and I don't know anyone to go with so I usally end up alone drinking white wine and crying about my life in the dark. But this year was diffrent...don't get me wrong I was alone, and I was drinking but I was dancing around the living room drunk as you like having the best time. I'd gotton a ton of texts from friends and had been called by Rachel at least 3 times so was all merry. See my mum was minding Ryan at my brothers so I had the house to was I at Midnight? I was standing outside with a beer watching fireworks in my PJs...pimp

The rest of the night I watched "The 50 greatest love scenes" and dancing to Katy Perry s'all good doods.

That's about it....borring but weird :D


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