Sunday, 25 January 2009 I the romantic one?

OK as a single lady (yeah I know REAL suprising....) I have time to think what I want in a "partner" and thus far here's my list...

They have to be...
-able to laugh at themselves
-un-ashamed to be dating me (I've had this problem loads)
-smell good
-just generally a nice person

That's not a lot to ask right?


then I started thinking about what I'd want my partner to do for me...
-randomly get me something they know I'll love (like weird little things like stickers or badges)
-take me to weird places like a musem or art gallery
-(sappy OTT romantic here but...) not be afraid to write me a letter....
-Make me playlists of new music I'll like
-be content with a friday night in with pizza and cheesy movies
-regular cuddles
-accepy my craziness

Then I realised something...I've done all the romatic things for I the romanic one? Oh man! what!

So I want to date someone who does the things I do?

No wonder I'm single I'd never ever ever consider dating anyone who was anything like is that why I keep getting my heart broken?



See this is why dating should be a government funded and we'd all be entered into a national database and be assigned someone to date...


I hate this dating malarchy

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


1 comment:

Natazzz said...

LOL So you want to date yourself?

I have found that any type of list I make of what I look for in a gf has absolutely nothing to do with the women I end up falling for...

Still, I'd rather make a mess of things myself than to get dating assignments. That's too weird.