Friday, 30 January 2009

How Angels and Aids led to Prop 8

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OK as some of you may know I am a theatrical studies erm student and we're doing "Angels in America" which I'm sure you know...if you don't it's a stunning play about Life as a homosexual and the Aids crisis of the 80s I suggest everyone who hasn't reads it because it's really amazing. Anyway we were researching some facts about the policy in place that Gay men can't give blood and somehow....SOMEHOW we got talking about prop. 8

I don't know if you've noticed buy I am more than a bit active in my persuit of knowledge when it comes to gay rights so I showed and informed my group some information. None of them could belive that Homosexuality is still considered a crime in the states, or that Gay unions don't have the same rights as straight ones.

It was so fantastic to see all these people agree and talk about it and agreeing that it is absurd it just goes to show that by educating people does make a difference. It really made me happy that people agree with me that aren't gay...having the straightest of the straight agreed really validated my argument.

So yay for educated breeders
it was good times

oh and I'm playing Joe and have to come out to my mum on the I guess I can get all Stanislavsky on that and draw from real life

Cheery Cheery Boom Boom


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